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Life Insurance Overview

What form of protection have you set up for family when you pass on? For quite a few people, purchasing life insurance has proven to be a good solution. We at Grace Insurance Services help our Texas-area customers figure out whether life insurance is the best way for them to meet their objectives. If in their estimation it is, we then help them choose what form of life insurance might best accommodate them.

In essence, life insurance is a contract between you (the insured) and an insurer. This contract specifies that upon your death a set sum of money (called a "death benefit") will be paid to your designated beneficiaries.

The primary goal for most insureds is to see that some money is allocated to cover their funeral expenses, everyday bills, and income. Their wish, as often stated, is to leave some money to their surviving loved ones or business partners so they can continue living as much as possible without excessive financial difficulty. It helps that life insurance pays beneficiaries a tax free benefit. The amount of the benefit can be anywhere from $2,000 on up to 10 million, depending on the insurer and what the insured believes is necessary.

That might explain why a lot of insureds seem to think of life insurance as a form of security; something that can bring peace of mind to some degree – for themselves and their surviving family, friends, and associates. Wouldn't you breathe a little easier if you had some hope that you provided your family or business the money to continue without you around for financial support?

There are different forms of life insurance you can buy, all of which are available to our Texas-area customers:

​- Term Life Insurance

​- Whole Life Insurance

- Universal Life Insurance

Rest easy. Our insurance agents will clearly explain what each type offers and what it may be able to do for you. Then we'll help you determine the life insurance policy that seems best suited to your goals.

​If you're thinking about life insurance, take the first step and contact Grace Insurance Services today.

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