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Being an established Texas insurance agency, we're often called upon to educate area residents about Medicare.Signed into law by President Johnson in 1965, Medicare was a federal program intended to provide all people age 65 and up with health insurance. Over the years, Medicare has undergone a number of changes. For example, not that long ago, a new program was introduced to help cover the cost of prescription drugs.Seeing that changes are common enough with this program, most people tend to wonder: What precisely does Medicare provide? Does Medicare give me any coverage options?At Grace Insurance Services we stand ready to help. Our agents are licensed brokers who can clarify the program's ambiguities and help you select a Medicare plan that offers the coverage you need.What you need to recognize first is that Medicare is more than just one insurance program. It's actually divided into four parts:

  • Part A offers hospital benefits and is administered by the federal government.
  • Part B, also administered by the federal government, provides physician benefits. These include such things as doctor bills, medical services, and some supplies that hospital insurance doesn't cover.
  • Part C, otherwise known as Medicare Advantage, deals with HMO and PPO kinds of insurance plans. These are administered by private insurance companies who have contracted with the federal government. Though not administered federally, these plans still come under federal oversight.
  • Part D delivers prescription drug benefits through what are called PDP plans. Again, these are administered by private insurance companies.

You also have access to Medicare Supplements, known also as MediGap Plans, to cover many, or with a number of plans all, of the expenses not covered by traditional Medicare.We've already covered how these plans have changed over the years. The fact is, they tend to be modified yearly. Our insurance agents will examine your Medicare plan along with your benefits and advise you if modifications are needed to address new developments in your finances and health. Beyond that, we'll let you know if you are eligible for "extra help" with expenses like Medicare premiums and prescription premiums, or coinsurance.

To learn more about Medicare and how it might benefit you, delve further into our website. Then contact Grace Insurance Services. We're right here in your local area to address your insurance needs.

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