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Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi)

Life expectancy here in the states keeps rising significantly - as it's risen for the past century.1 Each of us is living longer. For a good number of us, however, those additional years introduce us to disabilities or chronic medical conditions the majority of insurance policies don't address. But that's why long-term care (LTC) insurance was developed. We at Grace Insurance Services offer Texas-area people an extensive array of long-term care insurance options, including ...

  • traditional long-term care insurance
  • long-term care insurance hybrids:
    • life insurance featuring a long-term care insurance rider2
    • annuities featuring a long-term care insurance rider2
  • high-risk long-term care insurance

Home Health Care Only policies

Essentially, what all these types of insurance provide you is another way to help ...

  • cover the cost of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care, adult day care, personal assistance, meals, transportation, and other expenses relevant to long-term care
  • handle disability, chronic conditions, and your last days with dignity and grace
  • shield and perhaps even grow your assets
  • foster more congenial family relationships by not saddling your loved ones with long-term care expenses

Our insurance agents are licensed LTCi brokers who can customize a long-term care insurance policy to your individual needs and situation. They'd like nothing more than to talk with you when you're ready. Just do what so many do in the San Antonio area: contact Grace Insurance Services.

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