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Health Insurance

So much of what makes life enjoyable and so much of what we accomplish in life is dependent upon the quality of our health. That goes far to explain, then, why so many of us place such importance on taking care of ourselves and our families.Grace Insurance Agency stands ready to help Texas-area residents on that journey. We carry highly rated insurance polices to that end.

Our agents have undergone the training necessary to guide you through the maze of Affordable Care Act medical plans now available on or off the Federal Marketplace. These plans are major medical coverage that offer a wide range of choices. You cannot be turned down due to health issues and may be eligible for assistance with premium costs and cost share such as deductibles and co-pays (this is called a subsidy). There are specific rules around when you can apply and how you go about determining your eligibility for the level of subsidy you may qualify for. This is a whole new world in the insurance industry. We have spent many hours researching and learning about how to navigate this landscape of health insurance and are available to guide you through the process. There are many pitfalls and much misinformation out there about how these new programs work. We invite you to contact us for a learning experience that will clear up all the confusion and set you on the path to making a wise decision for you and/or your family.

Critical Illness policies offer cash benefits to compensate for the financial devastation often caused by specific illnesses- including cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc. You can use your benefit funds however you wish. Many people use them to cover...

​- deductibles
- coinsurance
- travel expenses
- household obligations
- and other such things

​... while they're undergoing treatment.

Our personable insurance agents are licensed to provide coverage for ...

- ​Major Medical Insurance

- Short Term Insurance

- Indemnity Insurance

- Critical Illness Insurance

- Disability Insurance

- Dental & Vision Insurance

​We sincerely believe you'll find these policies much less expensive than you might expect. For a quote or further information, just do what so many do in the Texas area: contact Grace Insurance Services.

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